Time and freedom restraints we were blissfully unaware of before are now in effect. Along with these can come feelings of isolation and meaninglessness. This awareness creates anxiety and this is caused by the knowledge that our validation must come from within and not from others.

However, one may feel unable to come to terms with the anxiety of how they perceive themselves in the world. If this is the case the existential therapist can assist the client in accepting these feelings as opposed to the client battling to change their feelings. Many people may be unaware that they can actually exercise a choice over these feelings.

Unlike other therapies, the existential psychotherapist is generally not concerned with the client’s past but instead places the emphasis squarely on the choices the client has the power to make in the present and for the future. The role of the counsellor is to facilitate self-discovery, while supporting and validating a client’s emotional experience. The emphasis is upon a goal of healing and personal development, rather than seeking a remedy or fixing a problem.