You do not need to worry about coming prepared with what to say in the first session. Just come with an open mind and your therapist will guide you through the process.
We will explore what led you to seek counselling and what you hope to change in your life. Your therapist will ask you about your current concerns and past experiences, to enable us to get to know you and determine what counselling approach might be most helpful for you. We may also ask you to complete one or more questionnaires to help us better understand your issues. You have control over what information you choose to share, and the pace at which you share. Our priority is creating an environment in which you feel safe and empowered.
By the end of the first session we usually will have agreed on some counselling goals, and outlined a plan for achieving these. Your therapist will also give you one or more strategies to start practicing at home. We believe that it is very important for you to have something tangible to take away so that you can start making practical changes in your life right from the first session.