Life is Here and Now for the Taking. Time is the limit.

Your therapist, Christian Acuña is a practitioner in existential counselling and psychotherapy. This means, an interpretation of your experiences from a non-judgemental point of view, based on centuries of philosophical thought. Support and guidance of your therapy towards a clearer understanding of your world and challenges. Unblocking pathways to hope and happiness so you can experience self-confidence, peace and healing.

Christian Acuña is supporting clients in their quest for Clarity and Direction as they navigate life’s many challenges. Embracing a holistic approach, Christian will help you be more content and connected to the present; spiritually; emotionally; psychologically and physiologically.

Christian’s aim is to empower his clients, so that they can make the most of life, throughout the good times and the bad. Clients are encouraged to focus on the here and now, in order to explore the myriad ways in which they experience the world, in psychological; physiological; spiritual and emotional terms. This often involves reflection on past experiences, and how they manifest in the individuals’ present (their day-to-day life).

Therapy is an exploratory process in which the therapist is the facilitator. Christian encourages open discussion; the free exchange of ideas and perspectives, designed to generate awareness of the behavioural patterns; thoughts; beliefs; doubts and fears that impede individuals’ enjoyment of life. Awareness raises empowerment – as individuals realise that they alone have the power to break the pattern and to do things differently, they find the calmness, clarity and balance they seek.

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